Payment Options​
& Shipping
$500 or $1000*. Non Refundable Deposits to secure your puppy! 
* Pups needing flown to you, OR our Rare Colors and our Merles require a $1000 deposit to reserve due to their higher cost. ​
Contact me to set up your deposit or to send full payment for your puppy. You AGREE that all Deposits and Monies Paid for your puppy are NON REFUNDABLE. This means if you back out of a purchase on your puppy, your deposit WILL BE HELD to put towards a future puppy within the next 24 months. You AGREE to NOT request chargebacks on your deposit/monies sent for your puppy, regarless of how its sent. This INCLUDES credit card disputing, as this is called Theft of Business and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law! 

​​1.  Paypal for initial deposits ONLY: It must be sent as "Friends and Family" (aka: Someone you trust) or we will refuse the funds. Please reach out for my Paypal Email address for this method...For puppies that are flying to you, If you are making your final payment via this method, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you take care of this at LEAST 5 or more days in advance of puppy shipping. No puppy will leave here with a pending payment processing. I have the right to withhold all AKC papers for 6 months until Paypals chargeback date has passed. Then and only then will we mail out the AKC papers to your address on your contract. This is for the safety of OUR business.

2. Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash Apps, or FB Messenger Pay: Must be sent as NON-business payment. With todays technology, most of our buyers actually prefer to pay their deposits via these methods. We are perfectly fine doing so. Its very easy to use and accounts are free to setup. Most deposits/payments are done instantly. Please let us know if you'd like to use this method of paying so we may send you the acct info. Please understand any payment form that charges a fee, YOU are responsible for adding that fee to your deposit/balance. Most forms are free to use when sending money to us. Again, Chargeback Rules apply! 

3.  Personal Checks, Certified Bank Checks, Money Orders: ​​ Must allow 14 BUSINESS day clearance time in order for me to accept these methods. Keep this in mind if your wanting to pickup/ship your puppy within that window. We will NOT release puppy until the check/money order has cleared our bank! NO EXCEPTIONS!  $50 Returned Service Fee for returned payments that buyer is responsible for.

4. Bank to Bank Wire transfer: please let me know if you want to transfer from your bank into mine via direct. I must provide you my info. Again, Funds must go through a 14 day clearance so to insure no chargeback occurs. Some of our buyers prefer to wire their deposit/payments as its so simple to use. You are responsible for any fees associated with this bank to bank service including the $20 fee my bank charges me to claim the funds. ​​​

5. I DO NOT RECOMEND: Western Union or Walmart Money Gram: But we do use these options if Buyer prefers it more convenient, however please understand this does not protect YOU as the buyer. It does protect ME as a seller but I want you comfortable knowing this. I am willing to provide my Vet references, friends and family as well as fellow breeder aquantenances I know throughout the U.S. if you feel you need a reference from me. just ask! 
4 SHIPPING Options Available:
1. Flight Nanny services average ~$650-800+ for a flight nanny to bring your puppy to your nearest airport and meet you in person. Puppy will NOT come with a Soft Carrier so please be prepared to transport your new puppy home with you. 
**On occassion, Farther distances or last minute bookings may cost more so please inquire into an exact quote first. Sometimes flights are delayed or rerouted or schedule changed and we are not responsible for those actions. Please be patient as it takes alot to bring your new puppy to you and sometimes that requires flexibility in YOUR schedule to meet our Nannys and Airlines schedules. ​

​​​​2​. Pickup or Meet Part-way: We offer 2 options: #1- We will drive UP TO 4 hours out from Tulsa, Okla for a fee of $150-200 that covers our time, gas, toll, wear/tear on the vehicles. OR #2 - we welcome you to come meet us locally and pickup your puppy in person. However we do not allow visitors within our kennel/home. We will meet you at a nearby public place at no charge. Your balance will be due in CASH when we meet up to deliver. Please TRY to bring all large bills to make couting faster.

3. Ground shipping with Puppy Travelers, costs $400. This fee covers their cost, plus loading fees, and my time/transport to drive an hour away to meet them to hand over the puppy.  Please understand Ground transporting can take a few days for you to receive your puppy as they are delivering several puppies in a set route. This takes time and is more stressful to the puppy. Sometimes this needs booked weeks in advance to work you into a route, but usually 2 weeks notice is sufficient. Also please note that ground trasnporting with a large company usually results in your puppy arriving with the sniffles or can come down with a virus shortly after arriving. We are NOT responsible for this in any way, shape or form and this includes pneumonia of any form. 

4. You FLY in to my airport to pickup your puppy. This is at your time and expense. I will say if you use Google Flights you'll get the best rates, as well as flying using SW airlines (they are the overall cheapest). Please remember the airline will charge you a puppy fee ONE WAY to take your puppy onto the plane on the return trip home. Most people either use air miles or pay the fees but most AVERAGE $350-500 overall cost. Prices are subject to change daily per airline rules so the further notice you book your flight, the best rate you will get. If you need assistance doing this, Im happy to help.  My airport code for you to come to me is Tulsa International (TUL). You must bring CASH balance with you when picking up your puppy from my airport, NO OTHER methods will be accepted!!  ​​

ALL flight delivery methods include vet health certificate**, food sample, puppy pack complete with all paperwork, records, samples, toys, food/water bowl and a blanket. MOST cases we will ship your loaded supply/sample kit to your home in advance so the flight nanny only has to bring the puppy kit folder.​​
**meeting to deliver will have a short form health checkup from our vet plus the other features listed above. No State Health Certificate is issued for hand delivered pups as its not required.​

If you have any questions, please ASK!​
3 things required in order to place a deposit on our puppies: You MUST notify me how you would like to place your deposit (apps) so we may give you that apps info (ex: venmo, cash app, etc). You are required to provide a signed deposit contract after submitting your deposit. We will send your contract via email using docusign to make things easier. But we will NOT hold your deposit while you wait to send a signed contract at a much later date. Also, Going forward, we REQUIRE a copy of Buyer(s) Drivers License to attach to our contracts for security purposes when payments are made in any means other than cash. This ensures the safety of our business. Please understand that we in NO WAY use your ID for any purpose and it is shredded after the 1yr contract health guarantee expiration.