Payment Options​
& Shipping
$500. Non Refundable Deposit to secure your puppy!
Contact me to set up your deposit or to send full payment for your puppy.  I will gladly setup payment plans with you so you can pay on your puppy while it is still growing and in our care. There will be signed contracts for BOTH, yours and my protection. I will also provide you with receipts showing any money you've paid. Puppy must be paid in full by the time it is 8 weeks of age and ready to go. Any puppies not paid and shipped by 8 weeks of age, there could be additional fees for care and upkeep. NOTE that delivery methods are limited once a puppy is over 9 weeks old based on weight, so keep this in mind in case you incur higher shipping costs due to this. Puppies cannot ship via some Airlines once it has reached 20# in weight. Ane please note: ANY and ALL monies paid on your puppy are considered Non-Refundable, this includes deposits, payments, and/or paid in full!! 

​​1.  Paypal for initial deposits ONLY: please notify me first as I need to send you the info. It must be sent as "Friends and Family" or Paypal charges a service fee. I am not responsible for service fees. Due to the new Chargeback Scamming system going on, we will no longer accept full payments on puppies via paypal unless you live local. There may be a 60 day AKC Registration holding until after the chargeback window has cleared if you choose to pay all pymts via PayPal. Ask questions first if you don't understand this! 

2.  Personal Checks, Certified Bank Checks, Money Orders: ​​ Must allow a 14 day clearance time in order for me to accept these methods. Keep this in mind if your wanting to pickup/ship your puppy within that window. We will NOT release puppy until the check/money order has cleared our bank! NO EXCEPTIONS!  $50 Returned Service Fee for returned payments that buyer is responsible for.

3. Bank to Bank transfer: please let me know if you want to transfer from your bank into mine via direct. I must provide you my info. Again, Funds must go through a 14 day clearance so to insure no chargeback occurs. ​​​

4. I DO NOT RECOMEND: Western Union or Walmart Money Gram: But we do use these options if Buyer prefers an easy route, however please understand this does not protect YOU as the buyer. It does protect ME as a seller but I want you comfortable knowing this. I am willing to provide my work, friends and family as well as fellow breeder aquantenances I know throughout the U.S. if you feel you need a reference from me. just ask! 
5 SHIPPING Options Available:
(our preferred method is us flying your puppy to you in person):
​1. Airline as carry on with ME! will cost ~ appx ​​​​​​​​​​$500+ . This covers MY time and round trip ticket costs to bring your puppy as a carry on in my lap. I will personally meet you at the airport and hand deliver your puppy to you. Your puppy will  not come with an airline carry bag as I must use this to transport future puppies. Please come prepared to carry your puppy home. My guarantee to you is if my airline costs are less once tickets are purchased, I WILL refund you the difference. I only charge you what I  would have to pay out of pocket. ​​

2. Flight Nanny services average $400-500+ for a flight nanny to bring your puppy to your nearest airport and meet you in person. Puppy will NOT come with a Soft Carrier so please be prepared to transport your new puppy home with you.

​​​​3​. Pickup or Meet Part-way: We welcome you to come meet us locally and pickup your puppy in person. Or for a driving fee, we also offer to meet you part way within a reasonable driving distance to meet you and hand deliver your puppy in person. This fee is determined on our driving distance and is to cover our gas/toll/time. fee: ~$TBD but averages $100

4. Ground shipping with a reputable breeder transport system, costs ~$425​​ and they guarantee their services. Very reliable and safe way to travel. Let me know and I can get you an exact price quote.

5. Ground shipping with Puppy Travelers which we charge $260. They are a large pet transport service that although is very inexpensive, they do deliver on a larger scale setup. They only service MOST of the LOWER US states. Please check their coverage map before requesting this option. ​​

Flight Nanny shipping includes vet health certificate, food sample, puppy pack complete with all paperwork, records, samples, toys and a blanket.​​

Ground Shipping services includes vet health certificate, food sample and puppy pack.
If you have any questions, please ASK!​
Going forward, we REQUIRE a copy of Buyer(s) Drivers License to attach to our contracts for security purposes when payments are made in any means other than cash. This ensures the safety of our business. With the use of Social Media becoming more prevalent in our society, too many scammers steal our puppies! Please understand that we in NO WAY use your ID for any purpose other than security with our contracts in case of theft.