Green Akers Bulldogs
Gayla Hudson
Green Country in Ok. 
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PLEASE READ the deposit/contract page (previous page) before submitting your deposit to secure a puppy. It is required that you Submit your signed contract FIRST, OR along WITH your deposit. We will no longer secure deposits without signed contracts in place FIRST. This is for both of our protection. 

Also understand, ALL DEPOSITS/MONIES PAID are NON REFUNDABLE. This includes buyers remorse, as well as if YOU back out of a puppy purchase after youve placed your funds FOR ANY REASON.  Any buyer who backs out of a purchase, all funds are held and placed towards a future puppy to be used within 24 months, NO EXCEPTIONS!  You agree to this when you return a signed contract with your deposit.  AGAIN, ALL DEPOSITS/MONIES PAID ARE NON REFUNDABLE, but are transferable to a future puppy to be chosen within 24 months.  ​