ALL Buyers MUST activate their FREE Trupanion Pet Insurance THE DAY BEFORE OR DAY OF getting their puppy, or your health guarantee will be voided!!  NO EXCEPTIONS! This is completely free, they ask for no financial info. Only takes a few minutes and they are open 24/7..   This is an assurance for me that your puppy is covered if they have any accidents or illnesses upon and after arrival!!  You are under NO obligation to continue the coverage after the Free 30 days is over. 
** IF puppy is flying to you at delivery:
1. Balances are DUE 5 days BEFORE puppy is scheduled to leave here. NO EXCEPTIONS!! This insures any payment delays, hiccups, declines, etc.
2. Flight nannies will not handle your balances as this places a hard burden of responsibility on them while trying to juggle flights, deliveries, etc and worrying about losing the money or remembering who owes and who doesn't. So all puppies balances must be paid to me 5 days before leaving here.
4. PLEASE be somewhat flexible with scheduling delivery of your puppy. We do our best to accommodate your dates and airport but cannot always guarantee this. Sometimes puppies are combined on layover flights to deliver 2 buyers instead of just yours as this is how a flight nanny business is ran (to maximize efficiency). Rarely can we not fly into your major airport but please understand on the RARE occassion you may be asked to drive some distance to another airport. If this is an issue, your more than welcome to fly in to me instead and pickup your puppy yourself. My airport code is TUL.​
3. Puppy kits will be mailed out to these buyers in advance so nannies dont have to worry about carrying your kit around along with their own purse and the puppies. They are only allowed ONE carry on so this eliminates added fees for checked bagage. I always mail my kits to you as priority mail with tracking info, which i provide to you at no cost.
4. Please be prepared to have your photo taken by the flight nanny upon delivery, of you holding your puppy. NO EXCEPTION! This is my delivery assurance for a job well done by my nannies.
5. Your welcome to TIP your flight nanny for a job well done. They don't make much providing this service to you and they are gone at least 16-20 hours from home on each puppy delivery day. Tips are not required, but much appreciated to them!

**IF puppy is being driven to meet you partway (NON FLYING)(or if your flying in to me to pickup)
1. Going forward we MUST charge a DELIVERY FEE of $100-150 for meeting you up to 4 hours from Tulsa, Okla, due to the rising cost of fuel, tolls, wear/tear on my vehicle and time away from my family and breeding program. You CAN drive all the way in to my nearest town to meet and i wont charge you. If your coming all the way in, I meet in Nowata, Oologah, Collinsville, Owasso areas ONLY for no charge.Please be flexible to some extent on delivery days/times as i juggle to combine what deliveries i can to lessen the road trips. I try my best to accommodate your schedule needs as well.
2. ALL balances are to be IN CASH ONLY at meetup time. I will NOT accept any digital balances. So be prepared well in advance to bring your balances in CASH!!! we prefer large bills to make counting go faster, but its not necessary. This prevents last minute digital delays on pending, holds, declines, etc (yes it does happen alot). We ONLY accept digital methods for deposits only.
3. Please understand a puppy is a distraction, so upon delivery we will go over your AKC packet of all paperwork, and your puppy kit of supplies, and settle up on your CASH balance before puppies will be taken out of the crate and handed over.
4. Please expect to have your photo taken holding your new puppy as proof of delivery and for my album.
5. We reserve the right to amend or add to these changes at any time!

Thank You, Again, for choosing me as your Breeder. I provide you a lifetime of support when you become a part of my family upon purchase!​