Green Akers Lil' Miss Pokey "Annie"...  Daughter to CH. Ddt's Refrigerator Raider.  DOB: 05/09/07

RIP to our sweet Annie 2018

Freedom, our 3rd generation Champion Lined Red Brindle Pied.
Dna: ​B/b, D/D, AY/AY, EM/n, KB/n, E/E, N/S
​Health tested CLEAR
Delafee, our Co Own, Shes a Dark Chocolate Full Suit Tri. 
Dna: b/b, D/d, AT/AT, EM/n, KB/n​, E/E
Health Tested: HUU carrier only​
Gypsy, our Co Own, Black Tri Merle, Triple Carrier
Dna: B/b, D/d, AT/A, M/m​
Health Tested: HUU and DM carriers only​
Liberty, our 4th generation Champion Lined Red/White
Health Tested CLEAR​
Myrtle Mae, Red (and Merle), Triple Carrier, 4th gen Champion lines
Dna: B/b, D/d, At/A, M/m
Health Tested: DM carrier only ​​
Benelli, our Blue Tri, Triple Carrier
Dna: ​d/d, B/b, At/At
Genetic Health Tested CLEAR​​
Malaya, our HEAVY Champion Cherokee/Little Pond Red Brindle/white ​
Not color carrier tested yet
Genetic Health Tested CLEAR​​
Cadbury (daughter of Henry the Cadbury Easter bunny winner), Standard Red..
Pending genetic/color testing..... should be CLEAR on genetic testing..​
Stoney Blue (Blue Tri Merle), Co Owned, Triple Color Carrier
pending genetic testing for cmr1, Clear on huu/dm
Trudy, Standard Red Sable
pending genetic testing and color testing
should be CLEAR on genetic tests... stay tuned...​​
Allie, our 4th Gen CHAMPION cherokee/little pond off of our foundation Annie (scroll on down).
Red Brindle/white, pending genetic and color testing... ​